Thanks for the Love


Many of you were concerned regarding my last post.  Yes, I am fine 🙂  and things are going really good in my life despite my challenges.  The point I was trying to get across is that as we go about our journey in life sometimes things won’t always go so smooth. There may be some obstacles, tests and challenges that we may have to face but to never give up and for those times when you fail, don’t be hard on yourself or beat yourself up but pick yourself up and keep going.  After you have given it your all and things don’t turn out the way you wanted it to we tend to normally blame ourselves and think that it’s our fault but that’s not always true.  This is what I had to deal with. I had confidence in myself and believed the best but when things didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to I started to wonder why but I had to realize that it wasn’t because I wasn’t good enough or that I didn’t give it my all, sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them to for whatever reason and we have to keep it moving.

Unlike my other posts, the points in my last one probably weren’t clear since I wrote it last minute at 1:00 a.m.,  when people are normally sleeping.   So please forgive me for the typos.  🙂  As I say often, you guys mean a lot to me and I appreciate your support, and to my one supporter who loves everything I write – my sister.

 As Always, From Me to You with Love,



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