Give The Love You Wish to Get


LOVE. A powerful tool that can change anyone’s world but sadly not enough people feel or get the love they need.  Many of us are walking around wishing, hoping and wanting that perfect love that will make everything right, whether it’s love from a parent, a spouse, a family member or a friend; we all want someone to love us where it hurts.  And when that doesn’t happen and it’s been months or years and you’re still hurting for love be the one who gives the love you want to receive.

Whatever particular person you want to receive that perfect love from, instead of thinking about the love you’re not getting from them, be kind, patient,  good-hearted, gentle and loving towards them and watch how things change.  However, be wise in your love. You are not anyone’s doormat.  Being mistreated and abused is unacceptable and are acts that should not be tolerated.

From Me To You With Love,



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