Warm Weather Beats

The warm weather is here. That means road trips, gatherings with friends and cruising with your sunroof back or top down.  Here’s what’s good  for your warm spring and summer days.

Emeli Sande – A British pop-artist with the famous drum beating and tambourine swinging song called   “Next to Me”.  This CD is definitely a good one to have when giving a house party.  The beats will have you feeling good, jumpin’ with soul and bring good conversation.  My repeat button stays on # 1, 4 & 11

Emeli Sande

 Jordan Sparks.  Summer love or summer break-up, Jordan takes you there.  Jordan’s CD is surely one that will get you going in the right direction and to help you move on from a heartbreak with #6 :-).   This CD brings feel good energy everyone needs.  My repeat button is on #1, 2 & 8.

Jordan Sparks

Leona Lewis.  I must say this is what I’m listening to everyday now.  Another British singer with soft yet powerful vocals.  This is a must have for every woman dating.  Leona takes you through the good and the not so good with relationships. Ladies you will not want to be without this in your collection. This is another good CD that will help you to get over your man.  My repeat button is on #1, 2, 3 & 6.

Leona Lewis

Of course for fun popin’ beats I can’t forget FUN. I truly adopted “We Are Young” as my theme song and let’s not forget the new “Carry On”.  Helps you to see the light of day through any situation.   I’m sure you will not be disappointed with these beats.
Fun       Carry On

Ok, so I never thought I would be listening to bluegrass but I must say I am feelin’ the song “I Will Wait For You”. Who doesn’t want a guy like that?  This song shows you that there are some good men out there that really care.  I love these guys!  I must admit I haven’t listened to the whole CD but that one song filled my heart.

mumford and sons

Alright.  One Republic, I must say I love this band. I know this CD is kind of old now but the whole CD is good to me.  These guys have feeling and soul in their music.  My repeat button is on # 2, 3 & 6.  Love em’.

One republic

Kendrick Lamar.  I must say I’m feelin’ him right now even though I don’t like foul language but Kendrick had my head boppin’with “Poetic Justice”.  He has hot beats and he knows how to rock it.  But I must warn you this is a Parental Advisory CD.


Ok, friends that’s it for now.  So enjoy the warm weather and rock it with your hot beats. 😉

Love ya,



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