There Are Still Some Good Men In the World

man hugging wife

This post is dedicated to all the good men who are loving, faithful, caring and appreciative to their girlfriend, fiancée or wife.

Now a days it seems like all we hear is what men do wrong and how they’ve failed here and there but believe it or not there are some men who value relationship, respect, trust and honor when it comes to their woman. I have met some men who are diligent about doing the right thing and making sure their girlfriend, fiancée or wife knows that she is truly appreciated and loved and most importantly there are men that see their better half as a gift that is to be handled with care and nurtured.

I was moved to write this post because good men are rarely celebrated. When I was growing up I saw how my dad truly loved my mom and vice versa. He was not only a good dad but a good husband to my mother. He lavished her with nice things, always telling her how much he loved her and the kissing, OH MY GOSH, ALWAYS kissing. (smh – shaking my head). With all the negative things I heard about men, I used to think to myself “they obviously haven’t met my dad.” Even though I was young I was thinking all men can’t possibly be bad.  All men can’t be cheaters, liars and users, then I grew up.  A lot of them were but there were a good number of men who weren’t.

Today I am proud to say that I have witnessed lot of good faithful men treating their woman with the up-most respect, taking the time out of their day to surprise her or to let her know that she’s loved and cared for,  to make it a point in letting her know how meaningful she is and most importantly reassuring  her that she has a dependable and loyal man to rely on.  To you guys I say continue doing what you’re doing and maybe others will follow suit. I am declaring this day as your day to be recognized for your tenderheartedness, kindness, love and loyalty . You are saluted because you are not honored as often as you should be but hopefully, one day that will change. You are the man who comforts his woman when she’s emotional, you are the man who wipes away her tears when she just wants to cry, you are the one who encourages her when she needs encouragement and you’re the one who sticks by her side when she needs you the most. What a good man you are.

So to all of the women who are single, YES, there are some good men still out there, so please don’t waste your time on the ones who don’t care about you. You are too valuable for that. You want a man that won’t judge you for how you’re not, but will love you for who you are, a man that will stick by you unconditionally and not only when the conditions seem good and of course a man who looks forward to spending time with you even if it is just sitting on the couch talking about nothing watching old re-runs.

Ladies, please do not accept someone who does not value your worth, make you feel special or who never seems to have time for you, because that is unacceptable. One thing I do know, if a man cares about a woman he most definitely takes time to spend with her and if your guy isn’t spending time with you, don’t waste your time on him because believe me, he’s spending time with someone.  So don’t settle for less because you’re worth more, and the guy that is meant for you will see the good that is in you and will help you to be your best self as you help him and you will feel his love and appreciation. You’ve heard the saying “good things come to those who wait.” Well, just continue to wait patiently and happily and he’ll come. You’re not alone because I’m waiting for Mr. Right too. 🙂

And fellas you know the saying, behind every good man is a good woman and I must say that is true. If you continue to honor your woman,  she will always make sure to honor you.

I know the fireworks went off for the fourth of July but cheers to all of the good and honest men that are out there. Today YOU are honored.
From Me to You With Love,