Finally Over Him

torn heart

Yes! It’s here! The day has come. The moment you realize that you are finally over your ex. One of the best feelings in the world.

Everyone has been there and  you know what I’m talking about. It’s like you got your independence back and you’re free. No more agonizing over what didn’t happen, what he or she did, or moments of anger as you sit down and plot revengeful things that you know you will never do. You don’t care anymore  if he or she never calls,  it wouldn’t bother you one bit. The day is here and your going to bask in it.  Ahhh. . . feel the sunrays shining down on you as you’re ready to go and fly to see what or who the world has for you. 🙂  Yes! Throw your arms back, looking up at the sun, smiling as it’s beaming on your face because you’ve forgotten about your ex and he or she gets no play time in your head whatsoever. I’m sure if you were walking on the street and should perhaps run into him or her, you would snub them and keep on walking, as they deserve. And, if they should just happen to call out your name, stop dead in your tracks, turn around, look at them intensely and say, “I’m sorry but do we know each other? I think NOT!” And keep it moving.

Now you’re own your way to victory and he or she is just a thing of the past that has been forgotten.

From Me To You With Love,



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