We’ve heard this word before. Repent, turn away, turn around. But what does it really mean and how does one actually repent?  It sounds easy enough but is it really?

Repentance actually means to change the way you are doing something in order to keep from doing the thing(s) you shouldn’t be doing.  How many of us have done something we wish we hadn’t only to find ourselves continuing to do the same thing over and over again, hating the very remembrance of it?  We don’t want to do this thing and truly want to repent but seems like we find ourselves doing the same thing again, day after day, that we told our self we wouldn’t do. Tired and frustrated we think and wonder, “Am I ever going to break this?” And the answer is YES!  You’re not the only one who has been down that road of continuing to repeat bad behavior and mistakes while feeling the guilt of “why did I do that?”.  But the good news is you can break what seems to be a habit or cycle going on in your life.

First, decide what you’re not going to do anymore.  Have your plan of attack ready that helps you to steer clear of any tactics that caused you to give in.  For example, if you set a goal to not eat sweets for a period of time but found yourself giving into the temptation of eating sweets; take steps such as making sure you avoid going down the candy and cake aisle in the grocery store, taking nuts or dried fruit to work if you know your office is prone to having donuts and cookies and if you’re an emotional eater have your container of dried fruit ready if that moment of overwhelming emotions should ever strike.

You can overcome anything that you feel is trying to overcome you with having a plan and being prepared for the worst.

As it has been said so many times before  ” you can do anything you put your mind to” is true. I would also like to add” with dedication and planning you’ll succeed at it”.

From Me To You With Love,



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