DIY Statement Bracelet

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making jewelry, and when I came across this piece, I just couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s an easy to make statement bracelet that you can keep for yourself or gift to one of your friends. Stack them or wear one at a time, I’m sure you’ll love this bracelet as much as I do.

statement bracelet

What you need: 
Alphabet Beads
Chain – great vintage option
Crimp bead
Crimp Pliers
What to do: Instructions pictured below
Thread the cable through the end of your chain
Fold over the end and thread on your crimp bead
Crimp the bead so it makes a hotdog bun
Then use your pliers to pinch the two sides (close the hotdog bun)
Next, string on your gold beads and letters onto the cable.
Thread the cable through the other side of your chain, and add the crimp bead.
Cut of the loose cable.
Connect larger chain and clasp with jumprings.
Make one, two or fifty, these bracelets are great for you and your friends. Project courtesy of
From Me To You With Love,

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