And the EYES have it…


So I’ve searched and I’ve tested.  What is the best eye cream?!?  Well I found it!:-) Actually, I found two.  Two eye creams that gave me remarkable results and I’m happy to report those two products to you.  I hope it works well for you as they did for me. First up….

StriV eye creamStriVectin SD –

I couldn’t wait to use the StriVectin products when they first came out then I got a look at the price.  Uh…never mind but one day I truly needed an eye cream that worked to take away the puffiness, so I finally gave in and thought about giving StriVectin a try.  I was AMAZED.  The StriVectin SD eye cream really did work.  I was so happy that I purchased this amazing eye cream.  After trying so many over the counter products, splurging on this was a wise choice.  Even though some beauty products may cost a pretty penny, please listen to me when I say, treat yourself every now and then  because you will be happy you did.

korres eye creamKorres Quercetin & Oak Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream

One thing I really liked about this eye cream is how well it moisturized my under eye area exceptionally well. Besides taking away my puffiness and possibly crows feet :-/ this eye cream did wonders.  This is one to surely keep in stock.

Ok friends, until next time – stay beautiful and keep it simple.

From Me to You With Love,



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