Glamour Pumpkins

glamour pumpkins

I have been in love with decorating pumpkins ever since I was a little girl. However, even at that age, I didn’t really like the mess created after I carved and cleaned the pumpkin out.  Well, now there’s a new way to decorate pumpkins for the older and well, girly, girl crowd that doesn’t involve creating a mess when decorating your pumpkin.  Are you ready for it?  Ok, here’s a new tip for all of us glamour girls I’m sure you going to love.

Metallic Pumpkins – When decorating your house this Halloween make a glamourized statement by using metallic pumpkins.  Here’s how.


3 Pumpkins descending in size
2 cans of Metallic spray – Silver, Rose Gold or pink ( or any metallic color you like)
Old newspaper – to spray the pumpkins on


Get in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Clean your pumpkin with a damp rag making sure the outside of the pumpkin is clean and now let’s get started…

Holding the pumpkin by the stem, spray the entire surface area until every inch is covered. Allow to dry, and apply a second coat. Let sit for about a day and apply another coat to give it a deep hue.  The more coats you apply, the richer the color will be. Wait another 24 hours to let the pumpkin dry and cut off the stems as close to the pumpkin as you can and stack them adding a decoration or two, such as pictured below.


And there you have it. A pretty and simple Halloween decoration that looks good and adds a touch of fabulousness to your décor. (idea courtsy of The Real talk show)

From Me To You With Love,



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