The Wonders of Blueberries


We all know that fruits and vegetables are healthy but do you really know why?  What is SO healthy about those fruits and vegetables that you munch on daily in order to stay healthy and slim?

Well, I must say, I was surprised to find out about some of the health benefits of one of my favorite fruits, blueberries. This little fruit will change your world.

I enjoy eating them solo, mixing them in my salads or putting them in my morning smoothies. However, I didn’t know all the wonderful benefits this little fruit contains. Besides, having antioxidants benefits, which we all know about. Blueberries also:

1. Boost immunity with power-packed vitamins and minerals: A, B, C, E, iron, zinc, copper selenium and anthocyanin.
2. Helps to improve memory (Who knew that?!?)
3. Improves your eyesight. Not just a carrots job anymore.
4. Reduces high cholesterol. This was surprising. Blueberries???
5. Relieves constipation. WOW!  Now this was a shocker. Having loads of fiber blueberries actually help with regularity.
Hmm…blueberries anyone? 🙂

Well, there you have it -the benefits of blueberries. Be on the look out for more of my diet, health and fitness articles that will surely change your life for the better.

From Me To You With Love,



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