The Specifics on Pacifica


I think I’m probably the biggest fan of organic skincare and makeup. I was so thrilled that a product line came out that would be good for my skin and not harm it in the long run.

I  remember the days when Pacifica first came out, I couldn’t wait to try their make-up and skin care items.  The eagerness was getting to me.  I was so eager to see if their products were going to deliver the magic I was looking for. With vegan friendly and “good for you” skin-loving ingredients I was happy a company was formed that understood my skin care desires.

After all, Pacifica has a range of products that will keep me looking good and smelling good from head to toe with skincare,  makeup, lotions, perfumes and even nail polish. All nontoxic cosmetics with innovative formulations.  The wait was over.  I finally, purchased my first product.  Wow! Nice! I thought to myself as I put on my mineralized eyeshadow.  It stayed on all day and I truly loved it.

Yes, my first Pacifica product was an eye shadow palette.   I fell in love with it after the first use when I saw how pigmented it was and that it stayed on my eyes all day and that was without a setting mist. 🙂   However, after a few tries of some of their other products: the “Cactus & Kale Recovery Lotion”, the “Dreamy Youth Face Day & Night Cream” & the “Quinoa Sensitive Face Wash”, I wasn’t impressed.  I was down right disappointed in the performance of these products.  The face creams weren’t moisturizing as they claimed they would be and the Quinoa face wash didn’t do anything miraculous for my skin.

In no way am I bashing Pacifica because they have some products that are fairly good such as the “Sea Foam Face Wash” and the “Rice Bright” face scrub but I feel when it comes to organic skin care, make sure you truly shop around and try out the products instead of falling into the hype.  There are some good organic skin care lines that really deliver what they claim. So if a line or product doesn’t work for you it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not a good product, it just means it’s not good for you regardless of how it was hyped up to be.

So, remember, in the world of organic skin care and make-up stick to what works for you and not what other people say is a good product.

As Always,




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