Shabby Chic Hangers

floral hangers 2

One of the joys of womanhood is how we can turn ordinary domesticated items into something elegant and chic.

Not long ago on a weekend afternoon, I decided to do some spring cleaning and straighten my closet and as I looked around I thought to myself, “Oh, how  I wish I had those nice pretty decorative wooden hangers to make my closet look really nice” but those hangers were pricey with only 3 or 5 coming in a pack and of course I would need  A LOT in order for each article of clothing, that was already hanging in the closet, to have a new friend to “hang” with (pun intended). 🙂   I was desperate. I wanted to have those chic and fancy hangers so I could have a chic and fancy closet that’ll make me feel that I was in a fancy apartment living in Paris with fancy décor (notice how many times I used the word “fancy”).  😉

Oh what a delight! Besides…getting up early in the morning going to work, I needed something that’ll help me look forward to conquering the day in style and stepping into a nice well-fitted closet could help me do just that.  This idea has certainly helped brighten my home and I hope it does the same for you.  Happy crafting!



Decoupage Hangers

Wooden hangers
Floral Beverage napkins (or any design you prefer)
Mod Podge Gloss Luster glue
Foam brush


1. Separate the white layer from the decorative part of the beverage napkin

step 1
2. Cut, tear or rip a flower from the napkin that will fit in the center of the hanger  like so: (Note: Don’t worry about cutting the flower perfectly, as I mentioned before tearing one from the napkin, neatly, works just as well.)

step 2

3. Lay the shape of flower on the hanger  and paint over it with the glue until you see the design sticking.

Step 34. Continue the process until the hangers are covered. Let them sit and  dry for about 5 hours or so.  If you prefer, you can go over the hangers again with the glue once they’re dry applying it as a protective coat. The end result should look similar to the below.







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