The Best and Worst in Bottled Juices

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Many of us have purchased these juices at one time or another thinking that we’re doing a healthy thing for our body.  With the popularity of so many “detox” diets we quickly pick up a bottled smoothie or thick juice to replace a meal or to get the recommended dosage of our vitamins and minerals that we otherwise don’t get from food at times. But are there dangers hiding in these popular beverages?

As a fan of detoxing and healthy beverages,  I wanted to know if what I was putting in my body from these so called “healthy drinks” were really doing me any good or is it just bunch of hype loaded with sugar that’ll have me bouncing off the walls with no vitamin nutrient benefit whatsoever.

Normally, I like to start my day with a bowl of fruit for breakfast followed by a cup of green tea or a homemade nutritious smoothie or nutrient packed juice.  I know it may not seem like much but I usually don’t crave breakfast. However,  if I don’t have time to make my own healthy smoothie loaded with fresh and organic goodness and if I’m desperate for time, I usually tend to grab a store bought smoothie o juice out of the of the fridge and bolt out the door.

Like most people; I’m sure.  I prefer to have a nice smoothie in the morning along with my supplements to help jump start my day to make sure I’m getting the vital nutrients I need and with our schedules sometimes being  pretty hectic, it can be easy for us to neglect our bodies and not feed ourselves what is strongly needed for us to be healthy, vibrant and energized.  So there we go to grab a green juice or another type of healthy smoothie or beverage but are these store bought juices really helping us or hurting us?  Some juices and smoothies are loaded with sugar, synthetic ingredients and GMOs that according to researchers and scientist can be harmful to our body.  I was shocked when I heard this and even more shocked that some of the brands I drink, that “I” thought were good for me, made the list of ones to avoid.  Enclosed is a chart from Food Babe’s blog that list the good and the bad juices and smoothies.

So if you don’t think you have the time to make your nutritious juice or smoothie in the morning in order for you to get your vital nutrients, please, please, please make sure you read the juice label on the back to avoid high sugar content, GMOs and synthetic ingredients that can cause harm to your body.  There are some good, healthy and nutritious juices out there so don’t be fooled by fakes.

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Juice Chart

Juice chart
For more information on this topic, please visit Food Babe’s blog at: 


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