Let’s WEIGH in on the TRUTH.

It’s here.  Summer! And, you know what that means? Plans for going to the gym, sad faces as we look through the magazines and see infomercials of beach ready bodies and women with tight form fitting dresses and halter tops. Oh,  I wish that was me.  **sigh**  However, I’m claiming this year to be my year to wear those tight form fitting dresses, swimsuits that are sexy and halter tops that show off my belly button. 🙂

But am I going to get it by eating what I want, when I want?  No! And even though I know that fact, I took that realization in this morning as I sat there on my couch, wishing I was a smaller size, regretting what I ate the night before.  “I’m not going to let myself go down hill.” I said to myself.  I sat there thinking, “How can I get a hold of myself and take control?”  I can’t keep doing this to myself and I finally came up with a solution. To take responsibility for myself and believe in the truth(s).  The truth that says:

  You’re not going to lose weight if you keep making up excuses as to why you don’t
     You’re not going to lose weight if you eat a heavy meal late at night and then go to
     You’re also not going to lose weight if you don’t have a plan to do so.

Wow! They say “sometimes the truth hurts” and in some instances it’s true. Boy! I’m not going to get the body I want unless I do something about it and now is the time. No more losing then gaining it back. No more binge eating. No more irresponsible eating!

I sat there on my sofa and wrote down these truths and processed them. I CAN DO THIS and not only am I able to accomplish this goal at hand but I WILL!  I will plan! I will eat sensibly and healthy and I WILL exercise and lose this weight!

Why do some people let things linger?  Especially, when we have the power to change ourselves and our life.  We want to be better and have better but the truth of the matter is, you have to put in the work.

So as I go about my weight loss journey, I hope this story encourages someone to know that if you feel stuck… you have the power to get out of the rut you’re in with hard work, determination and perseverance.



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