The Vita-Blend Life



Ok guys, I must say that I am a vitamin junkie. I love taking care of my health and seeking out the best vitamins and minerals that are superb to help me do just that.  And, guess what?  I think I finally found them! Good vitamins that actually work!  I am so excited I can hardly contain myself. 😀

Why the excitement, you ask? Well, I’ve been on the hunt for a while now to find vitamins that actually do what they claim to do and I think I have finally found them.  So without further ado, let me present to you that vitamins that I take to be beautiful and healthy inside and out.

First Up – HUM Vitamins


I was SO excited to get these. Not only is the packaging super cute but I read so many good things about HUM Nutrition and have been wanting to try these for the looooongest time.  I ordered Gut Instinct, Skinny Bird, Killer Nails and Daily Cleanse.   Do you want the run-down?  Ok, here it is!

Gut Instinct – I am adamant about taking my probiotics and this one is truly the best I’ve taken.  I’m not sure if this broke me out or not, as I was taking another HUM supplement that did but I can honestly say on days that I just took this, my body felt healthy, energized and helped eliminate those bad symptoms we get around “that time of the month.”  Definitely a repurchase.

Skinny Bird – I had no idea that HUM made weight-loss pills too but this does work.  I was pleasantly surprised because for some reason I didn’t think that it would.  But I saw results after one week of taking it.

Killer Nails – O…K… So, did I see hair growth?  Not compared to other hair-growth vitamins I take.  Did my nails grow?  Yes, this product gave me strong nails and a little growth but nothing explosive.  I may repurchase to give it another chance but I’ve taken better nail and hair vitamins.

Daily Cleanse – This definitely helps to eliminate waste / junk in your system but I, along with others, did experience breaking out.  My breakouts weren’t too severe but I didn’t grow up when my face started to have pimples in my adult age, I was asking myself “What is Happening?” But I remembered others had the same side effects.  The other side effect I experienced was cramping.  Ugh… not a good feeling but I guess depending on how toxic you are depends on if you’ll cramp or not; not sure, only saying that because after a few days or so the cramping stopped. Overall thoughts on this…it’s a good product. After the first week of breakouts and cramps my skin was glowing and clear and I felt energized and cleaned out.

Pro-Nutra Garcinia Cambogia – I almost went into a panic when I found out Pro-Nutra stopped making their Green Coffee Bean with Svetol. That was absolutely, hands down, the BEST GCB on the market.  In one week I lost 10 lbs! Then went back to GNC where I purchased it and found out they were discontinued. 😦  So out of hesitation and desperation, I decided to give their Garcinia Cambogia a try since I had success with Pro’s GCB.  OMG!!! I’m so glad I did!!! The same weight loss results I got with Pro’s GCB, I’m getting with their Garcinia.  This will definitely be in my vitamin drawer until I reach my desired weight loss.

A few other products I take that work are: Garden of Life Women’s Multi-Vitamin, Bpi’s RoxyLean and almost everything and anything from Renew Life.  Renew Life makes the BEST affordable, non-synthetic, all natural, over-the-counter vitamins.

I have a huge arsenal when it comes to vitamins and supplements and there are other good ones I have and take that I didn’t name but for a 10 out of 10, the ones mentioned in this article deserve a standing ovation.

Stay healthy my friends!

Nakesha ❤


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