Shabby Chic Hangers

floral hangers 2

One of the joys of womanhood is how we can turn ordinary domesticated items into something elegant and chic.

Not long ago on a weekend afternoon, I decided to do some spring cleaning and straighten my closet and as I looked around I thought to myself, “Oh, how  I wish I had those nice pretty decorative wooden hangers to make my closet look really nice” but those hangers were pricey with only 3 or 5 coming in a pack and of course I would need  A LOT in order for each article of clothing, that was already hanging in the closet, to have a new friend to “hang” with (pun intended). 🙂   I was desperate. I wanted to have those chic and fancy hangers so I could have a chic and fancy closet that’ll make me feel that I was in a fancy apartment living in Paris with fancy décor (notice how many times I used the word “fancy”).  😉

Oh what a delight! Besides…getting up early in the morning going to work, I needed something that’ll help me look forward to conquering the day in style and stepping into a nice well-fitted closet could help me do just that.  This idea has certainly helped brighten my home and I hope it does the same for you.  Happy crafting!



Decoupage Hangers

Wooden hangers
Floral Beverage napkins (or any design you prefer)
Mod Podge Gloss Luster glue
Foam brush


1. Separate the white layer from the decorative part of the beverage napkin

step 1
2. Cut, tear or rip a flower from the napkin that will fit in the center of the hanger  like so: (Note: Don’t worry about cutting the flower perfectly, as I mentioned before tearing one from the napkin, neatly, works just as well.)

step 2

3. Lay the shape of flower on the hanger  and paint over it with the glue until you see the design sticking.

Step 34. Continue the process until the hangers are covered. Let them sit and  dry for about 5 hours or so.  If you prefer, you can go over the hangers again with the glue once they’re dry applying it as a protective coat. The end result should look similar to the below.







DIY Scrapbook Paper Vase

pink paper vase

Spring is here and one of the beautiful things I love about this season are the beautiful flowers that spring up this time of the year (pun intended) 🙂 and instead of having flowers just outside, I LOVE to bring them inside and put them in every room of the house in a beautiful vase.

One thing I look forward to every morning before I get out of bed is waking up and being greeted by a beautiful bouquet of flowers in a vase so lovely that the sight alone will put anyone in a good mood and cause them to enjoy their day. It used to be that having a beautiful vase could be costly but not anymore, especially with this idea that I am going to give you.  Having a beautiful decorated vase in almost every room doesn’t have to put a dent in your wallet. This post is going to show you how you can add tranquility, charm and fun to your rooms by just adding a vase.  And, the secret to it all, we’re using scrapbook paper!  I am so excited and I when I came across this idea I just couldn’t wait to share it with you. So….are you ready?  Cause here we go, as I show you how to add color, dimension and style to your home by simply using a vase. 😉

 Scrapbook paper vase:

scrap paper vaseMaterials:

12×12 scrapbook paper of your choice (decorative designs recommended)
A vase or clear bottle of your choice
Scissors or paper cutter
Adhesive for glass (Mod Podge Outdoor glue & sealant )
Ribbon (optional) for bow


  • Measure the center of the bottle or vase going around. Also known as the circumference.
  • Cut a piece of scrapbook paper equaling the measurement of the circumference  for the center of the vase / bottle (as pictured above)
  • Place glue one side of the scrapbook paper and firmly press it onto the glass going around the center of the bottle
  • Do one more firm press making sure the scrapbook paper is secure and adhering to the vase / bottle
  • Let the vase sit for about 30 min and glue a ribbon onto the vase / bottle to tie in a bow if you prefer or let your family and guests see your new creation and admire your hard work. ;-).

Now go and get some flowers so you can enjoy your new décor for your home, that will be sure to brighten anyone’s day.
(idea courtesy of

From Me To You With Love,


Glamour Pumpkins

glamour pumpkins

I have been in love with decorating pumpkins ever since I was a little girl. However, even at that age, I didn’t really like the mess created after I carved and cleaned the pumpkin out.  Well, now there’s a new way to decorate pumpkins for the older and well, girly, girl crowd that doesn’t involve creating a mess when decorating your pumpkin.  Are you ready for it?  Ok, here’s a new tip for all of us glamour girls I’m sure you going to love.

Metallic Pumpkins – When decorating your house this Halloween make a glamourized statement by using metallic pumpkins.  Here’s how.


3 Pumpkins descending in size
2 cans of Metallic spray – Silver, Rose Gold or pink ( or any metallic color you like)
Old newspaper – to spray the pumpkins on


Get in a well ventilated area, preferably outside. Clean your pumpkin with a damp rag making sure the outside of the pumpkin is clean and now let’s get started…

Holding the pumpkin by the stem, spray the entire surface area until every inch is covered. Allow to dry, and apply a second coat. Let sit for about a day and apply another coat to give it a deep hue.  The more coats you apply, the richer the color will be. Wait another 24 hours to let the pumpkin dry and cut off the stems as close to the pumpkin as you can and stack them adding a decoration or two, such as pictured below.


And there you have it. A pretty and simple Halloween decoration that looks good and adds a touch of fabulousness to your décor. (idea courtsy of The Real talk show)

From Me To You With Love,


DIY Statement Bracelet

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making jewelry, and when I came across this piece, I just couldn’t wait to get started. Here’s an easy to make statement bracelet that you can keep for yourself or gift to one of your friends. Stack them or wear one at a time, I’m sure you’ll love this bracelet as much as I do.

statement bracelet

What you need: 
Alphabet Beads
Chain – great vintage option
Crimp bead
Crimp Pliers
What to do: Instructions pictured below
Thread the cable through the end of your chain
Fold over the end and thread on your crimp bead
Crimp the bead so it makes a hotdog bun
Then use your pliers to pinch the two sides (close the hotdog bun)
Next, string on your gold beads and letters onto the cable.
Thread the cable through the other side of your chain, and add the crimp bead.
Cut of the loose cable.
Connect larger chain and clasp with jumprings.
Make one, two or fifty, these bracelets are great for you and your friends. Project courtesy of
From Me To You With Love,

DIY Christmas Gifts

Christmas!  My favorite time of the year.  Not because of the gifts I get but because of the many gifts I can give, to show those around me how much I love and care for them.  One thing I’ve been doing since I was a wee girl was making handmade gifts, and I must say in these economical challenging times having the skill of arts and crafts comes in handy.  🙂  So if you’re on a budget, short on time or just don’t know what to get that certain someone, below are easy to make gifts that will be sure to please.

This is one of my favorite gifts. It’s so versatile, this is one that is sure to please.

For Him: This set can be for the bachelor you know.  Use a cork board, cut out a circle and decorate it with his initial or the logo of his favorite sports team.


For Her:  Girls night- in wouldn’t be complete without a cute of set of coasters to go along with the evening.

female coasters


  • Glitter Mod Podge
  • Ceramic Tiles (purchased at Home Depot; around $0.12 per tile)
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Paintbrush
  • Sandpaper
  • Small cushion stickers (for the bottoms)




1. Trace or cut the size of the tile out of scrapbook paper. (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut them with ease. You can also just simply trace the size onto the back of the paper and cut out the squares.)

2. Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the top of the tiles then press the paper on top of it to dry.

3. When the paper is completely dry, sand the ends of the paper to smooth them down onto the tile. You can sand further into the edges of the tiles also to create a more rustic/weathered look as well.

4. Paint a thin (yet complete) coating of Mod Podge over the paper again, being sure to secure the ends down with the Mod Podge.

5. Allow them to dry completely, then re-sand or re-coat if needed. The glitter Mod Podge can be substituted for a matte or a gloss Mod Podge if you prefer, but I loved the glittery look it gave the coasters for the Holidays!
(Coasters and directions courtesy of

For the Officemate:  A gift anyone can enjoy but one that is especially good for co-workers.  You won’t believe how easy it is to make this mug.



This mug is designed with a pen called a “Porcelain Painter” which is specifically made for drawing on ceramics. However, a sharpie and a stencil will do the trick too.  Just pick out a stencil of your liking and color over the stencil with a sharpie of your choice and “viola” you’ve got a nicely decorated mug for your officemate.  I must say poppies are my favorite. 🙂

Another one of my favorite handmade office gift is a nicely done mousepad.  Just like the coasters, you can make it feminine or masculine for that certain someone.


mousepad mousepad2

Step 1: Cut out shape from cork

Trace and cut the desired shape from a piece of cork. My mouse pad is an 8” circle.

 Using the piece of cork as a template, trace the shape onto the paper backed side of double-sided fusible web. You can use Heat ‘n’ Bond Ultra.

Step 3: Fuse web to wrong side of fabric

With fabric right side facing down and fusible web paper side up, fuse the web to the fabric following the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

Step 4: Cut out shape from fabric

Cut the shape from the fused fabric.

Step 5: Peel off paper backing

Remove the paper backing and position the fabric right side up on the cork.

Step 5: Fuse fabric to cork

Fuse the fabric to the cork according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Place the finished piece under a stack of books for a few minutes as the glue cools to prevent curling and ensure a good bond.

Finished Mouse Pad

Get to clicking. You now have a custom mouse pad.(courtesy of

Ok guys, these are my handmade gifts for now.  It’s just a few days before Christmas so be on the lookout for some more handmade gifts.

Until then…..

From Me to You With Love,