Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man….Umm…NO!

Steve Harvey's book

Almost everyone around the world has heard of this book.  Many even give it a thumbs up for Steve’s insight on relationships. However, I have a problem with these types of books that try to tell people how they should be in a relationship. Let me tell you the truth, you should be YOURSELF and if they can’t handle that, then they’re not for you.

A relationship is not a game, seeing who can act better than the other, creating tactics and strategy to make the other do what you want. It’s about two people coming together to learn, grow, support, build, and help one another cherishing the other’s personality & character regardless of anything  that seems less than perfect because you care for that person. And, yes, I am a romantic at heart and I’m NOT going to change that because of a few bad females who gave some males a bad impression. Notice, I said females and not women because women know how to act. My loving, caring, playful nature and thoughtfulness should not have to be “toned down” put on the back burner or tweaked  because guys are used to dealing with “THOTS” , one- night stands and others of the like. Not a part of that club and proud of it.

I say, that as a woman, I was offended that a man had to write a book such as this. What is this saying about us, ladies, as a whole?  Are we not valuing ourselves enough to portray a decent image or an example of what a woman should be?  Sadly, in this world  it seems like the majority are not. I was raised to respect myself being taught that I am a jewel. Not to disrespect myself by associating with someone who has no respect, nor, regard for my values, morals and goals.

I hope one day some of these females get that it’s not about who you can sleep with,  how beat your face can look, or purchasing the shortest dress, skirt or low cut blouse you can find that shows all your stuff. But what YOU have going on in your head and for yourself  that will project you into a successful and prosperous future solo, until your Mr. Right comes. Some of these “ladies” are walking around looking like dime pieces but aren’t even worth one cent.

So,  act like a lady and think like a man? NOT! Because there is nothing wrong with me and the personality I have and if people want to call me naïve, hungry, thirsty or whatever else because of my natural born nature, then I’m not for you anyway.  I’m for the mature man only.  But to all the ladies who have a problem maintaining high morals, standards & vision; being willing to sleep with anyone who puts a smile on your face, then this book is for you.




We’ve heard this word before. Repent, turn away, turn around. But what does it really mean and how does one actually repent?  It sounds easy enough but is it really?

Repentance actually means to change the way you are doing something in order to keep from doing the thing(s) you shouldn’t be doing.  How many of us have done something we wish we hadn’t only to find ourselves continuing to do the same thing over and over again, hating the very remembrance of it?  We don’t want to do this thing and truly want to repent but seems like we find ourselves doing the same thing again, day after day, that we told our self we wouldn’t do. Tired and frustrated we think and wonder, “Am I ever going to break this?” And the answer is YES!  You’re not the only one who has been down that road of continuing to repeat bad behavior and mistakes while feeling the guilt of “why did I do that?”.  But the good news is you can break what seems to be a habit or cycle going on in your life.

First, decide what you’re not going to do anymore.  Have your plan of attack ready that helps you to steer clear of any tactics that caused you to give in.  For example, if you set a goal to not eat sweets for a period of time but found yourself giving into the temptation of eating sweets; take steps such as making sure you avoid going down the candy and cake aisle in the grocery store, taking nuts or dried fruit to work if you know your office is prone to having donuts and cookies and if you’re an emotional eater have your container of dried fruit ready if that moment of overwhelming emotions should ever strike.

You can overcome anything that you feel is trying to overcome you with having a plan and being prepared for the worst.

As it has been said so many times before  ” you can do anything you put your mind to” is true. I would also like to add” with dedication and planning you’ll succeed at it”.

From Me To You With Love,


Be Happy, Be Whole


This post is dedicated to those I’ve met who are struggling with being happy. I sincerely hope happiness comes into your life but until then. . .use this post to help you  press on.

A lot of people wait for things to change in their life in order for them to be happy.  When in fact, it’s really the other way around. If you choose to wait until your situation changes for you to be happy,  you may be waiting for a long time.

I have met so many people that just aren’t happy for one reason or another. So sad. The truth be told, we all  probably have something that we could be upset and frown about but choosing to be happy regardless is a decision that is left up to us.  When you take the step to make the choice to be happy in spite of  your situation, you will no longer be bothered to the point of depression or despair and your outlook of your circumstance(s) will be seen in the light of day.   Now don’t get me wrong your situation may still be the same but you’re choosing to push pass the pain, hurt, guilt, shame and everything  else to claim your happiness.  So don’t let it go. There may be moments when you may be down but don’t stay there,  get up and get your happiness back. Be happy! Be whole!

You’ve heard it so many times – “A cheerful heart does good like medicine.” Well it’s true. So go on and be happy, live happy and spread the happiness because this world can sure use a lot of cheer. 😉
From Me to You With Love,


Don’t Let This Change Who You Are


Things happen to us in life.  We may lose a job, a friend or loved one; people may mistreat us or things just may not go our way but don’t let this change who you are.  Don’t fall into the trap of being bitter and wallowing in self-pity.   We’ve all faced challenging times with someone letting us down or disappointing us.  We may try to remain in good spirits but the thought of how we were wronged is still there.

It can be easy to want to get even with someone and become sour and angry, especially if it’s an ex, :-/ but don’t let any situation or circumstance change you into something you’re not.  We’ve all been there and things really do get better. So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and refuse to let anyone or anything spoil who you are naturally.

And by the way, if you’re thinking about breaking all the windows of your ex’s car,  don’t do it, just pray that he loses his job, crashes his car beyond repair and the girl he cheated on you with leaves him. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better.  🙂

However, on a serious note, we’re all in this world together so be a listening ear or a helping hand to someone who may need what you have to offer.

As Always, From Me To You With Love,

Give The Love You Wish to Get


LOVE. A powerful tool that can change anyone’s world but sadly not enough people feel or get the love they need.  Many of us are walking around wishing, hoping and wanting that perfect love that will make everything right, whether it’s love from a parent, a spouse, a family member or a friend; we all want someone to love us where it hurts.  And when that doesn’t happen and it’s been months or years and you’re still hurting for love be the one who gives the love you want to receive.

Whatever particular person you want to receive that perfect love from, instead of thinking about the love you’re not getting from them, be kind, patient,  good-hearted, gentle and loving towards them and watch how things change.  However, be wise in your love. You are not anyone’s doormat.  Being mistreated and abused is unacceptable and are acts that should not be tolerated.

From Me To You With Love,