Be Happy, Be Whole


This post is dedicated to those I’ve met who are struggling with being happy. I sincerely hope happiness comes into your life but until then. . .use this post to help you  press on.

A lot of people wait for things to change in their life in order for them to be happy.  When in fact, it’s really the other way around. If you choose to wait until your situation changes for you to be happy,  you may be waiting for a long time.

I have met so many people that just aren’t happy for one reason or another. So sad. The truth be told, we all  probably have something that we could be upset and frown about but choosing to be happy regardless is a decision that is left up to us.  When you take the step to make the choice to be happy in spite of  your situation, you will no longer be bothered to the point of depression or despair and your outlook of your circumstance(s) will be seen in the light of day.   Now don’t get me wrong your situation may still be the same but you’re choosing to push pass the pain, hurt, guilt, shame and everything  else to claim your happiness.  So don’t let it go. There may be moments when you may be down but don’t stay there,  get up and get your happiness back. Be happy! Be whole!

You’ve heard it so many times – “A cheerful heart does good like medicine.” Well it’s true. So go on and be happy, live happy and spread the happiness because this world can sure use a lot of cheer. 😉
From Me to You With Love,